Which Couture Woman Are You?

For most of us our closets are a time stamp of our realities, but magazines, blogs and other style outlets don’t always understand the realities that most women face. Whether you’re a corporate professional, a stay-at-home wife and mom, a minimalist dresser that keeps it simple, or a fashion icon in the making, you need style tips that cater to you and your lifestyle.

So whether you’re a Jackie or a Marilyn, a Carrie Bradshaw or Charlotte York, or a little of all of the above, we’ve got you covered. Project Couture brings you expert style advice based on four major profiles that embody the women we are and the women we know and love. Which couture woman are you? Leave your answer in the comments!

Fashion Icon Couture

Why She’s Couture: This gal always has something fabulous up her sleeve! She is the product of years of Sex and the City binge-watching and would make Anna Wintour a proud mama. Unafraid to try every style that’s trending and make it her own, she beams with confidence and let’s everyone know she “woke up like this.”

Style Inspiration: Olivia Palermo, June Ambrose


Business Couture

Why She’s Couture: This is the woman who’s answering emails, conducting meetings and checking off her to-do list all before noon. She shows the fellas that it may be a man’s world, but there’s nothing like a boss chick in a well-tailored, power suit! Staying modest and professional, she focuses on subtle accents and a perfect fit to enhance her presentation.

Style Inspiration: Tilda Swinton, Victoria Beckham

Modern-Day Housewife Couture

Why She’s Couture: The days of wives and moms being confined to frumpy old burlap sacs are long gone. This woman has a polished and refined style that ensures the lady of the house is ready to take on the world at any moments notice. Her wardrobe is versatile and always polished so whether she’s running after the kiddos or raising awareness for nonprofits she’s always prepared for the day’s challenges.

Style Inspiration: Amal Clooney, Kate Middleton

Minimalist Couture

Why She’s Couture: “Simplicity is the key note of all true elegance.” Coco Chanel’s words, not ours. This woman proves just that by incorporating key essentials into her capsule wardrobe to pull off an effortless sophistication. Her looks never go out of style and she goes from day to night at the drop of a dime.

Style Inspiration: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Kendall Jenner


22 thoughts on “Which Couture Woman Are You?

    1. Yes, we certainly like to switch it up every now and then as well. Plus we all have a little fashionista in us!! Glad you liked it love, stay tuned for more!


  1. I’m probably a mix of “Fashion Icon Couture” and “Minimalist Couture”. The fashion icon part is when I’m at events and such, while the minimalist is when I’m at work.


    1. Isn’t it great to dress up and then dress down but still be chic! The ultimate combo, so stay tuned for more great styles for both!


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