Steak 48

Friday night did not come quickly enough after a long week. So when it was finally here we knew just how to celebrate. So let’s just jump right on in, Let’s Dish: We arrived to Steak 48 around 8:15pm, and you can probably guess our first stop: the bar! This place was packed, but we got lucky which meant not having to stand any longer in our heels. Yes! I suggest making a reservation, but if not, arrive before 7pm for a bar seat to avoid the wait. The decor is beautiful, modern & eloquent. Once seated, we opted for a … Continue reading Steak 48


With a rare moment to spare, we decided to indulge and venture to Montrose to see what the critically acclaimed Uchi was all about. (I mean if DJ Khaled approves it has to be amazing right?) Keep reading to see how our Sunday funday went & let’s DISH: Word to the wise: make reservations! This place was packed by late afternoon. Uchi is not your typical restaurant; here, you have three seating options, the bar, the sushi bar, or a dining table. If didn’t plan ahead, don’t fret. At least while you wait there is an outdoor patio. And if … Continue reading Uchi

Which Couture Woman Are You?

For most of us our closets are a time stamp of our realities, but magazines, blogs and other style outlets don’t always understand the realities that most women face. Whether you’re a corporate professional, a stay-at-home wife and mom, a minimalist dresser that keeps it simple, or a fashion icon in the making, you need style tips that cater to you and your lifestyle. So whether you’re a Jackie or a Marilyn, a Carrie Bradshaw or Charlotte York, or a little of all of the above, we’ve got you covered. Project Couture brings you expert style advice based on four … Continue reading Which Couture Woman Are You?