Tony’s Mandola’s

This place is a class act that just screams upper echelon. From the elusive crowd, to the outstanding service and delicious food, we are officially in love! Let’s DISH:

We spent all week looking forward to this particular Friday evening happy hour, and it was definitely worth the wait. First on the agenda was a Frozen Peach Bellini, which was full to the brim, we might add. Nick, the cute bartender with the glasses, earned our good graces when he kept them coming. Get him as your server if you want top notch service!

Next up were the Shrimp Empanadas. They are a great mystery, as in you don’t know exactly what ingredients they’re made up of; but ignorance proves to be bliss because they are delish! The only down side is that they only come two per serving. Then we indulged in the Audrey Avocado Crab Bites, which were packed with sweet and savory flavor. They serve a pretty hefty amount of avocado and crab, two ingredients some places love to skimp on.

To top it all off: the Molten Chocolate Cake was so mouthwatering we almost forgot to snap a pic before devouring every bite. After all of your lite bites and peach bellinis, we agreed it was the perfect size to share if you want to spare yourself the extra calories. Or you could have it all to yourself and vow to hit the gym the next day. Scouts honor!

After getting to know Nick (cute bartender) a little better we were offered a complimentary drink, the classic Brandy Alexander. If you’ve had the pleasure of trying one you can probably agree that it should be deemed the official alcoholic milkshake. An unbeatable combination if you ask us.

If you’re looking to be surrounded by a sophisticated crowd, jazz and amazing bites and sips come to Tony Mandola’s! Overall we give it… drum roll please…. an A! Things are looking up in our gradebook!


21 thoughts on “Tony’s Mandola’s

  1. Oh…how I would LOVE to be able to eat Chocolate Molten Lava Cake…without being the one to make it. I am Celiac and going out to eat is more of an ordeal than is worth it sometimes. I am SO GLAD that you all have a wonderful time and enjoyed your food! It looks amazing! ❤


  2. Made me hungry just reading about these! I’ll take 10 peach bellini’s on the beach, please! I love that you gave a great review with awesome tips thrown in too. Thank you.


    1. I’m a chocolate lover as well. But it was all so good but I have to say the molten chocolate cake was the best way to end it!!


  3. It all looks so good. The appetizer and desserts especially the molten chocolate cake. A great night out on the town plus great food makes for a perfect date night.


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