Ruggles Green

Sunday Funday… Supposedly they’re easy and breezy, right? A whole 24 hours to relax before the start of another grueling work week. But if you’re anything like us you know sometimes Sunday’s are the most hectic. Grabbing a bite to eat is just another thing on the never ending todo list, along with work, studies, church and hitting the social scene (for work of course). On this particular Sunday Uchi was calling our names; however, we thought sushi might not be the best pairing for our hangover, courtesy of the previous night’s festivities. Instead, we decided on Ruggles Green because after an alcoholic, calorie-infused evening you want to tap into your gluten free side for balanced nutrition. Let’s DISH:

This place has hipster written all over it. The walls are plastered with Warhol, as well as a chalkboard displaying the daily specials and murals drawn by the staff. The booths are tufted to ensure a nice and comfy seat, and there are funky letters on the wall spelling out the word FRESH, ensuring the diverse set of diners are in for a tasty treat. We went at about 6 and the crowd was a telling sign that we were in the right place. The staff was sweet and accommodating to the large crowd they faced.

Being the Texas-bred taco lovers we are, of course we had to try the Super Veggie Tacos. Anything with “veggie” in the title is less calories, right? They come topped with mushrooms, a black bean spread, corn, avocado, carrots, and a tequila lime sauce. We substituted the mushrooms for extra avocado (at no up charge, I might add). Loving this place already! The sauce was definitely the star of this dish. It contributed a sweet and savory taste to the tacos. That, combined with the tangy spice of the tequila lime sauce, made for a perfect combo.

Next, we tried the Fresh Margherita Pizza. Let me tell you, gluten-free has never been so good! If you love extra cheese and minimal sauce then this pizza is for you. The pizza was perfectly cooked with a fluffy crust. There was just enough basil to add that signature bite with enough tomato to balance the flavor.

To top it all off they offer wine that can be purchased by the glass or the bottle, prices starting as low as $20. Also, with the exception of the Ribeye and Shrimp none of the daily specials are over $18. A perfect stop for lunch or dinner any day of the week. They also have an amazing cake that we didn’t get to try because we were too stuffed!  You should give it a try and let us know how it goes! Overall we give Ruggles Green a solid B+.


30 thoughts on “Ruggles Green

  1. Of course I had to read this before lunchtime.. Now I’m STARVING! LOL… Not really a huge taco fan, but I’m going to have to try the Super Veggie Tacos and that gluten-free pizza.


  2. We LOVE Ruggles Green! We miss the Ruggles in Rice Village, but enjoying going to the location at City Centre. Their spinach salad w/ chicken is yummm.


    1. Well it good you have another location to go to. Will definitely have to check out the salad next time. Thanks!


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