Kusama at MFAH

It’s Thursday, happy hour is well under way and the museum is free admission. Makeup was done, outfits were styled and cameras were fully charged to capture the moment. Then we heard the two words every event-goer dreads: SOLD OUT. Don’t be like us; get your tickets early guys! You don’t want to miss this exhibit. Details below.

Photo Cred: @chrIstopher
If you hadn’t already heard, Yayoi Kusama has an amazing double showcase, Kusama: At the End of the Universe, at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. In the first room, Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity, visitors get a stunning view from the center of the room as they are engulfed in a dark abyss illuminated by golden fixtures. Picture being in the middle of outer space on a perfect starry night. Pretty cool if you ask us.

Photo Cred: @gonzo247
The second, Love Is Calling, features “tentacle-like” beams shooting up from the floor and hanging from the ceiling. Don’t worry, Kusama’s signature polka dots and the fluorescent lighting will help you find your way through this installation. Also, as you pass through, you’ll hear a brief recording featuring Kusama’s voice reciting a Japanese poem.

Even though we didn’t get the chance to check out the exhibit, it’s definitely on our agenda for the near future. And in a world where orchestrating the perfect selfie is a top priority make sure you check out this exhibit, even if it’s just for the pics. No rush, you have until September to make your way to MFAH. Enjoy!


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