Steak 48

Friday night did not come quickly enough after a long week. So when it was finally here we knew just how to celebrate. So let’s just jump right on in, Let’s Dish:

We arrived to Steak 48 around 8:15pm, and you can probably guess our first stop: the bar! This place was packed, but we got lucky which meant not having to stand any longer in our heels. Yes! I suggest making a reservation, but if not, arrive before 7pm for a bar seat to avoid the wait.

The decor is beautiful, modern & eloquent. Once seated, we opted for a smooth Zinfendal instead of our usual cocktail. And the wine list was nice & extensive, *wink wink.*  Obviously steak is the go-to menu item here, but we decided to keep this happy hour light since we went to the movies afterwards. We’ll save the steak for another night!

We ordered the crispy shrimp and the creamy mac and cheese. Y’all know we love our carbs so the mac and cheese was a given! However, it lacked that baked cheesy goodness that leaves a lasting impression. Instead, it was a bit charred on top & lacked the one thing us southern girls cannot live without: flavor! Pass the salt & pepper please! Nevertheless, the shrimp did pair nicely since it was tangy & added some zest.

Overall it was a good meal in a lovely place. We recommend this cool new spot for happy hour or a romantic dinner. So we give them a B-.


16 thoughts on “Steak 48

  1. I love a good happy hour any day of the week but after a long, tiring one it is especially rewarding. What a bummer that the mac and cheese was not so good. Now you have me thinking about where I am going to go for happy hour myself this Friday.


    1. I woke up thinking about happy hour this Friday as well Tia. There are so many good places to choose from. As long as my drink is full I’ll be fine lol, Enjoy your Friday!


  2. Hmmm….flavorless mac n’ cheese?! No bueno…. I may check out that place, only if I was with a group of friends or something.


    1. Oh yes, definitely recommend a girls night there, or even just a group of friends. That way you can each order different items and share!


    1. Yay, I love fancy also. The decor is beautiful and the people are just as beautiful well. Going there will certainly be a beautiful fancy night! 🙂


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