With a rare moment to spare, we decided to indulge and venture to Montrose to see what the critically acclaimed Uchi was all about. (I mean if DJ Khaled approves it has to be amazing right?) Keep reading to see how our Sunday funday went & let’s DISH:

Word to the wise: make reservations! This place was packed by late afternoon. Uchi is not your typical restaurant; here, you have three seating options, the bar, the sushi bar, or a dining table. If didn’t plan ahead, don’t fret. At least while you wait there is an outdoor patio. And if you’re lucky you can catch a round of complimentary lite bites including a perfectly cooked sample of yellowtail. The downside? They only have two choices for appetizers: the edamame or peppers. And of course there’s your beverage of choice to ease the wait!

We were feeling adventurous so we opted for the Shishito peppers over edamame. You’re probably thinking what is Shishito, well it’s basically grilled peppers. It was pretty bland, but definitely flavorful with the dipping sauce. Just be careful not to bite into the spicy part at the end of the pepper. Sinus opener! It wasn’t long before we were notified that two seats opened up at the sushi bar. Yes please!

The decor was a mix of modern flair & traditional Japanese influence: dim lighting, open spaces & intimate seating. Our waitress introduced us to our sushi chief who would then go over all our questions with us. Our chief was knowledgeable & patient. I settled on having the Zero Sen, which I was informed it one of the most popular dish on the menu. But to be honest I think otherwise. It includes yellowtail, avocado, shallot and cilantro. It was delicious but by the third roll all I could taste was cilantro. It slightly over powered every other flavor, but I still love me some avocado!

For first time visitors definitely ask questions or you’ll get lost in the experience. For example, sitting at the sushi bar limits your menu options to just sushi. The service staff seems so caught up in the hustle and bustle that they may have forgot to explain the details to us first timers. At one point a different waiter (who was prettty handsome!) served us mini bowls of sugar (we think), and before we could ask about it he scurried off.

So to conclude, we love sushi but we’re  more Americanized-Japanese eaters. So let’s just to say some options were a little more advanced than our taste. But if you truly love Japanese this is the place to be. Overall I give them a B+!


16 thoughts on “Uchi

    1. Lol at first I was like that to so I tried sushi with just veggies and then eventually cooked sushi. Never hurts to try hun, but I’m glad you enjoyed it!


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