51fifteen & Bar Bleu

With us being two mini moguls in the making, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find a moment to spare. Yet somehow we were both free the Friday of Independence Day weekend and decided to turn it into a Friday funday. In true Project Couture style, we traded the typical social BBQ for something a little more upscale. Let’s DISH:

51fifteen is the cuisine and cocktail bar located in the newly renovated Saks Fifth Avenue. If you frequent the Houston Galleria you know parking and navigating your way through wing after wing, floor after floor can be a nightmare. So we’ve got two words for you: purple garage. Take advantage while it’s our little secret and you’ll never have to fight for parking again. Plus, the elevators take you straight to the bar where you’re immediately hit with an ambiance that reeks of old Hollywood. With the baby grand piano and marble countertops it’s easy to envision this place full of flappers dancing about and Jay Gatsby somewhere charming a huge crowd. Elegant with a sleek modern touch.

Photo Credit: opentable.com

We arrived for social hour (4:30-6:30) only to find out that they’re still working out the kinks. While there’s no cocktail menu, they operate a full bar and will make whatever your heart desires. We opted for a hurricane and soon realized we need a signature drink! Because “dirty martini, 2 olives”sounds a lot cooler than “ummm we’ll have something fruity.”

The social hour menu was very limited with only about 5-6 options. We chose to feast on the shrimp ceviche, which proved to be the most popular dish of the evening when every other patron at the bar ordered the same thing. It was topped with diced carrots, corn and red onion. The shrimp was a bit on the chewy side and let’s just say it wasn’t our cup of tea.

We wanted to love this place so we decided to give dessert a try. Fortunately, it was amazing! We had the Pear Tarte Tatim with homemade vanilla bean ice cream. Or waitress let us know it was her favorite dish because it’s the perfect blend of warm and cold flavors; and she wasn’t wrong! It tasted like a freshly baked croissant with a scoop of ice cream in the middle, and you all know by now how much we love our carbs.


Overall we give them a B+ mainly for the decor. We also would recommend trying their cheese spread with a house wine if you dine with them.
Bar Bleu

Photo Credit: Quy Tran

Fourth of July weekend was the perfect time for Bar Bleu, formerly Hudson Lounge, to hold their “Red, White and Bleu” grand opening. Anticipation was high after the $1 million renovation. You read right, 1 MILLION. And it was worth every penny. From the LED-lit dance floor to the indoor patio to having TWO bar areas, they cleaned up nice. Men and women of every age showed up in their blue attire ready to dance the night away.

Photo Credit: Quy Tran

Valet is $10, but you should have no problem finding a spot in the neighborhood. The main entrance invites you into the spacious dance floor while the DJ spins a variety of tunes to satisfy every audience. To the right is a smaller, more intimate setting where you will see the likes of Marilyn Monroe plastered on the walls and one of the two bars we mentioned earlier. On the opposite end of the bar is a lounge are perfect to sit and chit chat away from the noise.

Bar Bleu is setting itself apart from other bars that make up Houston nightlife. It’s hip and trendy with an L.A. vibe we can’t get enough of! After just one visit we can definitely see ourselves becoming regulars at this new spot. After all, a girl can never have too many places to dance the night away!


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    1. The decor was fantastic, and we will always be honest with you guys for each review! Yes, glad you agree on the signature drink!


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