Jus’ Mac

After a long day of school, work, networking mixers, and blogging, to say it was a long day would be an understatement. So a few of my colleagues suggested that we kick back and unwind at this quaint little spot called Jus’ Mac, located on Westheimer. The name leaves little to the imagination because just about everything on the menu includes macaroni and cheese. You heard right, EVERYTHING includes good ol’ mac and cheese! Put your diet on pause, and LET’S DISH:

As soon as we arrived we were promptly greeted by friendly faces. From the laid back staff to the brick walls and cozy space, this place has ‘Mom and Pop restaurant’ written all over it. The four walls were filled with other young professionals presumably looking for a place that’s the perfect blend of hipster and homey.

We were there for a quick bite, so I ordered the Jus’ Mac Balls with bacon and a side Caesar salad. The dish was flavorful and cooked perfectly. Crispy on the outside and creamy on IMG_2875the inside with the bacon adding a nice texture and bite to the mac and cheese. The homemade marinara  was the perfect dipping sauce; it had an herbal flavor to it that added a kick to every bite. The salad was fresh and tasty, but nothing special to write about. The drink selection was limited but they do offer draft beer and classic Coke. There’s something about Coke in a glass that makes it go down much more smooth!

In conclusion, we would definitely recommend going for a quick bite to eat and we look forward to trying more selections from their menu. Overall we give Jus’ Mac a B.


30 thoughts on “Jus’ Mac

  1. The boy and I went to the Westheimer location awhile back and had the mac n’ cheese. It was good. I wouldn’t mind going back again, sometime.


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