We arrived at Piola, located in midtown Houston, at around 8pm on a Friday night. We could literally smell the sweet aroma of melting cheese as soon as we turned the corner from the parking garage. Or maybe we were just that hungry.. Let’s dish:

 They offer outdoor seating but thanks to Houston humidity we opted for indoor for the sake of our hair. Ladies, you feel our pain… The decor was a mix of eclectic modern and traditional Italian with funky artwork and a massive, open brick oven, visible from every angle in the restaurant. The wait staff was friendly, and our drinks were stiff: just like we like them. The tequila sunrise with pineapple mixer was to die for! You won’t find it on the menu, but they were more than willing to accommodate our specific requests.

We ordered two pizzas, the Salvador and the Piola. You read right, TWO pizzas. I mean, how else would we give you guys a thorough recap, right? Wink, wink…

Salvador, pictured below to the left, is considered a white pizza since it has no tomato sauce. This is a great option for people who aren’t crazy about sauce but prefer to stick to America’s two favorite carbs: cheese and bread. It was topped with oven baked pulled chicken breast, parmesan and spinach. As you can see they give you lumps of cheese, not really our cup of tea.

Piola, pictured above to the right, is more for the traditional pizza lover. It’s topped with mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and basil. The basil is left in chunky pieces so you have the option to remove it if you’d like. The sauce is tasty and distributed perfectly.

Pasta lovers, you have not been forgotten! Did we mention our love affair with carbs?

penne (2)

Penne Rosata, smoked salmon, tomato sauce, cream and parsley: the makings of a long, intense cardio session at the gym tomorrow.  The pasta was a bit undercooked and the salmon could have been a little chunkier to get a more bold flavor.As far as taste, it was decent but we’ll stick to pizza at this particular spot. We give Piola a B+. We’ll definitely be revisiting and you should too so benvenuti a casa, or welcome home!


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