Happy Hour at Benjy’s 

Picture this: it’s Friday evening, 6pm, and you’ve just ended the most trying workweek of all time. Not to mention, if you’re college students like us, you’ve been swamped with finals that just won’t go away. You could probably use a good happy hour right about now so let’s dish!

It was this series of events that led us to Benjy’s in the heart of Rice Village. We decided to dine in the upstairs lounge, which offers a sleek, modern ambiance. In addition to the patio, they’ve got a spacious, funky lounge sofa perfect for entertaining large parties who are looking for intimate seating.

The sautéed local gulf shrimp was our first appetizer. It was nicely seasoned with a blend of spices, which balanced out with the sweetness of the mango salsa. The sauce was by far the highlight of the plate. It was so good that I ended up using it as a dipping sauce for my toasted bread!


The second appetizer was the “Korean fried chicken” wings. Again, the sauce on the side was its most memorable attribute. The wings were cooked perfectly, crunchy yet tender on the inside. However, they lacked any seasoning to taste. Once they’re dipped in the sauce they offer a delightful zing.


The blood orange margarita was our drink of choice, and for the price it was sufficient. Happy hours are known to fill their drinks with too much ice and not enough of the essential ingredient: tequila. This drink was no different so I’d recommend adding an extra shot or two depending on how happy you want to get!


Overall, it was a decent meal at a fair price. I would recommend their happy hour and be sure to sit in the lounge for a trendy ambiance! Our rating for Benjy’s is a B.


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