As I arrive to my doorstep on this anti-climactic Friday night I realize one thing, it’s only 11:38… Definitely a different experience from the usual 3am nights us millennials typically spend in Midtown Houston; however, I think I’ve had enough for one night. LET’S DISH:

Reef, located in the heart of Midtown Houston, is the number one seafood restaurant in the U.S., according to Bon Appetit Magazine. After a first-hand experience, I would beg to differ. Upon entry at 7:30, I could immediately tell that the good time vibes were at the bar; the rest of the attendees were elderly couples and even some kids. Not the party ambiance you’d expect right? Yeah, me neither. On the bright side, the décor was beautiful: the modern, open space resembles an art studio, with chandeliers that would make the Queen envious.REEF DRINK

The wine collection was quite extensive and the Raspberry Beret from the cocktail menu was to die for! It was bursting with flavor and smooth, as well as savory. I definitely recommend it. Now on to the food. Reef is known for its fried mac and cheese, however, there was nothing remotely memorable about it other than it’s over cooked crust. The jumbo lump crab cakes were slightly above average, although they were about 65% crab and the rest filling.


In conclusion, I’d give them a B- for effort. I’d recommend them for a lowkey girls night, but make sure you sit at the bar unless you want to be rubbing elbows with toddlers! If you’re looking for finger-licking cuisine, save your pocketbook some damage and go to one of Houston’s better spots.


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